Built in 1869, automated in 1972, these Door County lighthouses are part of the Ridges Sanctuary and viewable in a self-guided tour. The unique attraction of these lighthouses was the upper and lower lights. In order for a sailor to enter the harbor safely, he needed to see both lights lined up as one. Once this was viewable, the captain knew “the coast was clear!

Directions: At the North end of Baileys’ Harbor, turn at the Sandpiper Restaurant on the corner of Hwy 57. Follow Ridges Road approximately 1/2 a mile to the beach parking lot.



This Door County lighthouse is noted as Door County’s most recognizable lighthouse and one of the most identifiable landmarks. It is also the most visited lighthouse in Door County. It is open mid May through mid October. This lighthouse is located on a small island and can be reached by walking across a causeway. Depending on the water level, you may have to walk through water to reach the property. This Door County lighthouse is approximately 10 miles from the Beachfront Inn.

Directions: Head north out of Bailey’s Harbor on Hwy 57. Turn east on County Q. Follow the Cana Island Lighthouse signs. You will make one right turn approximately 3 1/2 miles after turning onto Hwy Q, but it is well signed. Follow the road to its’ end, and walk the causeway to the island. There is a small welcome center on the right in the trees approximately three hundred feet after setting foot on the island proper.



Built in 1868 and automated in 1961, this Door County lighthouse is located in the Bay of Green Bay between Fish Creek, Wisconsin and Marinette, Michigan. It is accessible by special boat tours during the third weekend of May.

Directions: The station is open to the public on most days, however the only way to get out to the island is by private boat or via a charter captain.



This lighthouse, built in 1868 and automated in 1926, is located in Peninsula State Park between Fish Creek and Ephraim. It was restored by the Door County Historical Society and is now a living museum that visitors can tour daily through the summer and on weekends through October.

Directions: Take Hwy 42 into Fish Creek. Turn west into Peninsula State Park. Proceed to the Park office and purchase a pass and obtain a map of the park from the office, and follow the directions on the map to the lighthouse. Guided tours of the building are offered every half hour.



Built in 1852 and closed in 1869 after the construction of the range lights. This Door County lighthouse can be viewed on a clear day from our property at the Beachfront Inn. The lighthouse is located on the other side of the harbor. This lighthouse is owned and not accessible by anyone.


  • City: Baileys Harbor
  • State: WI
  • ZIP: 54202


Located at the east side of Deaths Door Passage, this Door County lighthouse was integral for guiding ships negotiating the eastern entrance of the Port Des Morts passage. It was constructed in 1846 on Plum Island and moved to Ports Des Morts Island in 1858.

Directions: Located on tiny Pilot Island, marking the eastern entrance to Death’s Door Passage.



Built in 1895 and automated in 1969, this lighthouse is a rare treat for visitors taking the Washington Island Ferry. It is located in the Deaths Door Passage between Northport and Washington Island, Wisconsin.



This lighthouse, built in 1836 and automated in 1956, is the oldest of the Door County lighthouses and is located on Rock Island. It is referred to as the “grandfather” of Door County lighthouses and is reachable by ferry from Jackson Harbor on Washington Island.

Directions: Rock Island is about as difficult a place to visit as any location in Wisconsin, and a whole day is required to make the trip. Take Highway 42 north through the Door Peninsula to its end at the Northport Ferry pier. Book passage and drive your vehicle onto the Washington Island Ferry Line’s car ferry “Robert Noble” for the thirty minute crossing to Washington Island. Note that distant views of Pilot, Plum and Detroit Islands can be seen while making the crossing. On arrival et the ferry dock on Washington Island, drive north on Lobdell Point Road until the road becomes Main Road. Take Main Road north to the point at which Jackson Harbor Road Tees to the right. Turn onto Jackson Harbor Road, and follow the road east into Jackson Harbor. Keep heading straight until you reach the Rock Island Ferry dock, and park your vehicle. The Ferry which makes the crossing to Rock Island is a passenger ferry only, as no vehicles of any kind are allowed on Rock Island. Book passage, and board the 36 foot ferry boat “Karfi” for the 15 minute trip to Rock Island. Once arriving on Rock Island, walk north about a block to a stone building on the hill. Follow the trail behind this building to a timber arch. Follow the mile-long trail up the hill. When encountering any branches in the trail along the way, always take the left branch, staying atop the bluff to the lighthouse.



This Door County lighthouse assists mariners between the Bay of Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay by being located at the edge of the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal. Sherwood Point was automated in 1983 and is known as the last manned lighthouse on the Great Lakes. It is also a private retreat house for Coast Guard personnel. The grounds are open to the public during the third weekend of May.

Directions: This lighthouse is currently private Coast Guard property, and as such all access is closed to the public. We obtained specific permission from the Coast Guard to enter the grounds and take photographs for this website. However, the station is open to the public every year during the annual Door County Lighthouse Walk which is held in mid May every year.


  • Street: 120 N Madison Ave
  • City: Sturgeon Bay
  • State: WI
  • ZIP: 54235



Just as the Sherwood Point Lighthouse helps mariners enter the Sturgeon Bay Canal from the Bay of Green Bay; the Canal Station assists the entry from Lake Michigan. The Door County lighthouse was built in 1899 and automated in 1972. It is open to the public during the third weekend of May.

Directions: Take Hwy 42/57 north across the Ship Canal. Immediately after crossing the Canal, look for Utah St on your right. Turn east on Utah. Follow the signs to the USCG Station. When you reach the Coast Guard Station, there is a parking area on your right.